Cincinnati Preschool Promise

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Cincinnati Preschool Promise (“CPP”) is a non-profit organization with a mission to expand access to high-quality preschools across the greater Cincinnati area. This expansion is made possible thanks to a significant investment from taxpayers, aimed at bolstering K-12 education and enhancing access to top-notch preschool education.

In recent years, CPP has strategically utilized these funds to achieve multiple objectives. Not only has CPP increased the availability of high-quality preschools in Cincinnati through comprehensive programs and services, but it has also extended critical support. This support includes offering tuition assistance to families in need and providing financial aid to preschool teachers engaged in quality-rated programs.

As we all navigated through the challenges posed by the pandemic, Cincinnati Preschool Promise recognized the heightened importance of several key initiatives:

  1. Enhancing Online Access: CPP worked diligently to provide improved online access to essential forms and information crucial for families and preschool providers.
  2. Streamlined Data Transmission: CPP also focused on ensuring an efficient and secure online process for transmitting data from parents, students, teachers, and preschool providers.
  3. Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships: To stay connected with their valued stakeholders, CPP deepened its engagement by communicating through the channels they use most frequently.

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